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What are we doing

La sala de ioga is a place to come and find oneself. This happens through the joy of sharing the practice of yoga with anyone who wishes to do so.

What style of yoga do we practice? In our classes we use yoga poses (asanas) as a tool for achieving both physical and mental wellbeing. We try to keep in good shape at the articular, muscular and internal levels through our practice of yoga poses. At the same time we work deeply with our breathing (pranayama) to calm the nervous system and thus reach an internal state of peace and calm.

“If you can breath, you can do yoga”,  said Krishnamacharya, one of the great contemporary yogis. This statement defines the essence of the practice: anyone who wants to can practice yoga regardless of their age or physical condition.

Carrer Or nº15 · Sant Cugat (Can Mates) · T 609098634 · T 654774388 · ·